• How Exactly Does Electricity Get to Your Home?

    You can use your fuse box near San Jose to interact with your electrical system , but the electricity came a long way before it made it to your breaker box. It also has to make a few stops before it gets to your home, but different elements come together to create a consistent electricity grid. Watch this video and learn how exactly electricity gets into your home.

    Electricity starts out in a power generating facility. This facility uses renewable and nonrenewable energy to generate electricity before sending it through high-voltage transmission lines. These transmission lines move large amounts of electricity from one place to another, even across long distances. The next waypoint is a neighborhood substation, where the voltage is lowered. Then it moves through power lines and poles into your home, where you can access it through your outlets or cut it off with your circuit breaker.

  • How an Electrician Can Help with Your Commercial Remodeling

    Just like your home, your place of work needs to have functional electrical wiring in San Jose. In many cases, your commercial building will actually require much more electricity than your residential home, so it pays to choose a commercial electrician with experience in this area of the industry. This kind of contractor is especially important when you’re starting a remodeling project. Checking in with an electrician gives you the opportunity to check your outlets, make upgrades to your wiring, and enjoy a safer and more efficient space. Continue reading to find out how an electrician can help with your commercial remodeling.

    No matter how big or small your commercial renovation is going to be, it could come with significant changes. You might need outlets in different places, and you might take the chance to address minor electrical problems that have come up in the past. Your commercial electrician can help you out with rewiring services, safety inspections, and upgraded fixtures and appliances. These services make your commercial building more energy efficient, so you save money for your business. Modern electrical upgrades will also reduce your risk of short circuits and electrical fires, so you can keep your employees and customers safer.

    Commercial electric remodeling in San Jose, CA

  • Is Your Home Overdue for Electrical Rewiring?

    It’s difficult for homeowners to determine if they need to have a residential electrician in San Jose rewire the building. The most effective way to protect your family from electrical fires is to schedule a professional inspection by a certified electrician. Inspections can be beneficial even if you haven’t noticed any problems, but you should definitely schedule an appointment soon if you’ve noticed any of the following issues.

    You have an older home. Certified residential electrician inspection in San Jose, CA

    Have you recently bought an older home, or are you considering purchasing one? Or maybe you’ve been living in your current residence for decades, and can’t remember the last time an electrician visited. Any of these situations may call for electrical rewiring. The electrician will check for common problems associated with older homes, including the presence of aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring and ungrounded, two-prong outlets. In addition, if you have an extension cord at nearly every outlet, the wiring is likely inadequate for your family’s modern needs.

    You’ve recently made major renovations.

    Not every home renovation affects the electrical wiring. Simply replacing your kitchen cabinets, flooring, or bathroom vanities, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean an electrician should upgrade your system. But if your renovations include adding major appliances, like a hot tub or an extra chest freezer in the basement, then an electrician should inspect the system. It’s possible that you’ll need to rewire the home so that it’s capable of supporting the increased electricity needs.

    You’ve noticed warning signs of electrical problems.

    Your electrical system can give you some warning signs that a major malfunction could happen soon. Your electrician may need to rewire the home or upgrade the panel if the circuit breaker trips frequently. Other warning signs may include the following:

    • The odor of something burning that isn’t caused by meal preparation
    • Loose electrical outlets
    • Sparking or arcing from an outlet when a cord is plugged in or unplugged
    • Lights that frequently flicker or grow dimmer inexplicably
    • Sizzling or buzzing sounds
    • Frequently burned-out lightbulbs
    • Light switch plates that are discolored or feel hot

    Do not attempt to fix these problems yourself, as electrical malfunctions can be dangerous.

  • A Brief History of LED Lighting

    Today, we know LED lighting as a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional incandescent lighting, but it hasn’t been around for all that long. If you want to save money and make your residential or commercial lighting more environmentally friendly, talk to your electrician serving San Jose . Watch this video to see where LED lighting came from.

    LED stands for light emitting diode, and it was invented by a man named Nick Holonyak, Jr. Holonyak studied at the University of Illinois in order to earn his PhD in electrical engineering, which was a step towards the invention of LED lighting. This new invention creates a brighter future for our electronics because it lasts longer and creates less heat when compared to incandescent bulbs. This helps homeowners and business owners save money on energy bills, and they won’t have to replace their bulbs as frequently.

  • The Importance of Working with a Commercial Electrician During Your Building Remodel

    If you have recently decided to remodel your commercial building, make sure to hire a commercial electrician to assist you with your project. A commercial electrician in San Jose will specialize in placing electrical wiring, installing industrial lighting, and performing all of the other special electrical services that are required for your space. When you trust your commercial electrical renovations to a licensed technician, you can rest assured that your building is safe and up to code.

    There are several reasons why it is important to work with a commercial electrician during your building remodel. Your commercial electrician will have the special skills and tools that are needed to work on your industrial or commercial facility. Additionally, a trained commercial electrician will help you to determine the correct placement for your new electrical outlets, light switches, and other electrical features. Finally, once your renovation is complete, your commercial electrician can also provide you with regular safety inspections for your space.

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  • FAQs About Residential Electrical Remodeling

    Whether you have recently purchased an older home, or you want to give your current property a facelift, you may be planning ahead for a residential remodeling project during the upcoming summer season. With services from a residential electrician in San Jose , you will be able to safely update your electrical panel, light switches, and other household electrical components. To help you determine whether your home is a good candidate for an electrical upgrade, here are answers to some common questions about residential electrical remodeling. Residential Electrical Remodeling in San Jose

    Do I need to rewire my entire home?

    A household rewiring project can be a major endeavor, but replacing your old wiring can dramatically improve the performance and safety of your electrical system. To determine whether it is time to completely rewire your home, you can start by considering the age of your property. Older homes may have outdated electrical outlets, old wiring components, and other electrical components that pose safety hazards. By including a rewiring service in your remodel, you can rest assured that your electrical system will be safe for your use.

    Are dedicated circuits necessary during my remodel?

    Dedicated circuits provide power to larger appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators. If you are planning on replacing your old appliances with new units, it may be necessary to remodel your electrical system to include additional dedicated circuits. Replacing your dedicated circuits will help to prevent common electrical hazards, such as fires or overloaded circuit breakers.

    Should I renovate my electrical system prior to selling my home?

    When you are planning on selling your home, it is a great idea to perform an electrical system renovation before you place your property on the market. A potential buyer will see added value in your property if its electrical systems have recently been upgraded. Your local electrical contractor can provide you with additional information about the types of home electrical system renovations that will be necessary before you are able to sell your home.

  • Beware of Old Wiring When Buying a Home

    Buying an older home comes with certain precautions and considerations. Before you put the down payment on a home that was constructed before the 1980s, you may want to hire an electrician to perform a thorough inspection of the property. An electrician serving San Jose can inspect the electrical wiring, grounding units, and other electrical systems that are contained within your potential home. If the home’s wiring is too outdated, you may want to think twice before you make your purchase. Here is a look at some reasons to beware of old wiring when you are buying a home. Old wiring replacement in San Jose, CA

    Fire Hazards

    One of the top reasons to be aware of the dangers of old wiring when you purchase an old home is the potential for significant fire hazards. Outdated aluminum or knot and tube wiring can pose a significant safety threat to you and your loved ones. If aluminum wires become frayed or otherwise damaged, they can spark and create an electrical fire that will devastate your property.

    Poor Grounding

    The wiring in an older home may also not be properly grounded. The three prong cords that are attached to today’s modern appliances are designed to connect to a home’s grounded wiring system. If many or all of the outlets in an older home do not contain outlets that can accept three pronged plugs, this is a sign that the property’s wiring system may be outdated and in need of replacement.

    Significant Expense

    Before you can occupy an older home, you will need to get the property up to the building codes that relate to your area. If a home’s wiring is out of date, it is possible that you will be required to replace the entire system before you can move into the property. A full rewiring procedure can be an extremely expensive endeavor that also takes months to accomplish. By choosing to buy a newer home that is properly wired, you can save time and money on your purchase.

  • What Homeowners Should Know About Room Additions and New Wiring

    Building a new addition can be an exciting time for your household. When you are planning on adding even just one room to your home, however, you will need to make sure that your new space is equipped with the proper wiring, light switches, and grounding. A residential electrician in San Jose can update your fuse box and expand your home’s electrical wiring to include your new home addition. If you are gearing up to add new space to your home, read on for an overview of what you need to know about room additions and new wiring. Professional residential wiring services in San Jose, CA

    Create an Electrical Plan

    An essential step of preparing for your new home addition is to make sure that you have a detailed electrical plan that has been approved by your contractor. When you are creating your electrical plan, you will need to determine whether your new addition will be connected to your home’s main wiring panel or to a special sub-panel for the increased space.

    Choose Your Electrical Materials

    When you are planning a wiring scheme for your room addition, you should also make sure that you choose the correct electrical materials for your installation. Your electrician will be able to select the proper gauge of wiring to supply power to the various circuits and fixtures around your new room. If you will be installing a washing machine or other large electrical appliance in your addition, it will be necessary to use heavy duty wiring.

    Learn About Permits and Inspections

    A final step that you will need to take when you are creating wiring for a new home addition is to research the permitting and inspection requirements that affect your local area. You will typically need a building permit in order to legally install wiring in a new home addition. Along with obtaining the proper permits, it will also be necessary to have a building inspector visually check to make sure that all of your electrical work is up to code.

  • Reasons to Hire a Professional for Aluminum Wiring Conversion

    If you live in an older home that contains outdated aluminum electrical wiring, now is the time to hire an electrician serving San Jose to replace your old wires. Aluminum electrical wiring is now recognized as a safety hazard in homes and commercial buildings. Without the proper grounding, aluminum wires could put your property at risk of experiencing an electrical fire. With professional assistance from an electrician, you can rest assured that your new wiring system has been properly installed. Here is an overview of three reasons to trust your aluminum wiring conversion to the professionals. wiring - conversion

    Avoid Safety Hazards

    Attempting to perform electrical work on your own could create a serious safety hazard in your home. Electrical repairs and conversions can be extremely dangerous if they are not performed by licensed and trained professionals. By trusting the professionals to perform your aluminum wiring conversion, you can make sure that the procedure is performed safely and without risk of injury. Your electrical team will have the tools and training needed to safely remove and replace the aluminum wires in your home.

    Ensure Proper Conversion

    An aluminum wiring conversion is a highly technical procedure that involves many different steps. Fortunately, your electrician will have received special training on the art of converting a home’s aluminum wiring over to a modern system. After your professional aluminum wiring conversion has been completed, you can feel great knowing that your home’s electrical system is set up correctly.

    Comply With Insurance Requirements

    Depending on the terms and conditions of your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may be required to provide your insurance agent with proof that your repairs were performed by a licensed professional. If you are unable to assure your insurance company that your home is outfitted with professionally installed electrical wiring, you may no longer be eligible for your same insurance plan. With assistance from an electrician, you will be able to make sure that your new wiring installation complies with your insurance requirements.

  • Choosing Ideal Lighting for a Basement Renovation

    Whether you have a growing family or you would simply like to expand the usable living space in your home, renovating your basement is a great way to add additional square footage to your property. During a basement renovation, your residential electrician serving San Jose will assist you with your lighting installation . Hanging lights in the right areas around your basement will help you brighten up your newly restored space. To help you get ready for your work with a residential electrician, here is a look at some basement lighting tips. basement - lighting

    Illuminate Key Areas

    As you are creating a lighting design for your basement renovation, you will want to consider which areas will need the most illumination. Places where you will be performing tasks such as reading or playing games should be illuminated with task lighting. Some examples of task lighting include recessed lights and pendant lights. Pointing a focused light at a certain area of a basement room can also emphasize a beautiful architectural feature, such as a built in bookshelf.

    Create Overall Illumination

    Whether you have a daylight basement, or your basement is low on natural light, you will want to make sure that your space is properly illuminated overall. Hanging light fixtures can be used to bathe your newly updated basement rooms in a cheery glow. When you are choosing lights to hang from your ceiling, you will want to pick out fixtures that help to create a sense of spaciousness and elevation.

    Choose Energy-Efficient Products

    In order to conserve energy when you are lighting your basement, you will want to choose energy-efficient lighting products for your design. LED light bulbs, for example, are extremely efficient choices for any homeowner. By going with LED bulbs, rather than conventional products, you can enjoy energy savings, while also achieving the same level of illumination. An electrician that specializes in lighting will be able to provide you with more energy-saving tips for your installation.