• Examining the Toll of Poor Office Lighting

    In the workplace, a great deal of focus is put on using the latest computer technology and choosing ergonomic office furniture. However, the importance of good lighting is often overlooked. If you’re considering calling an electrician to upgrade your commercial lighting in San Jose , then watch this video to learn about the toll that poor office lighting can take.

    Bad lighting can refer to insufficient lighting, but it is often lighting that is too bright or has the wrong spectrum. Inadequate lighting can cause eye strain and affect your sleep, mood, and health, each of which may lead to poor work performance. To remedy bad lighting in your office, contact an electrician about LED lighting installation.

  • Signs That Your Office Should Be Rewired

    If your commercial office is more than a decade old, chances are that it may be in need of services from a commercial electrician. Along with checking your breaker box and grounding, your electrician serving San Jose will also be able to determine whether your electrical wiring is in need of an upgrade. By investing in new electrical wiring for your office building, you can help to keep your facility in safe condition for all of your daily operations.

    There are a few common signs that your office is ready for rewiring services. With services from a commercial electrician, you can determine whether your existing wiring was installed using materials that are now considered to be outdated. Office buildings that contain aluminum electrical wiring should be renovated with the latest wiring materials. Another sign that your office needs to be rewired is when you start to notice that your current system is not providing enough power to your switches or outlets.

    Commercial Electrical Rewiring Services in San Jose

  • What Homeowners Should Know About Room Additions and New Wiring

    Building a new addition can be an exciting time for your household. When you are planning on adding even just one room to your home, however, you will need to make sure that your new space is equipped with the proper wiring, light switches, and grounding. A residential electrician in San Jose can update your fuse box and expand your home’s electrical wiring to include your new home addition. If you are gearing up to add new space to your home, read on for an overview of what you need to know about room additions and new wiring. Professional residential wiring services in San Jose, CA

    Create an Electrical Plan

    An essential step of preparing for your new home addition is to make sure that you have a detailed electrical plan that has been approved by your contractor. When you are creating your electrical plan, you will need to determine whether your new addition will be connected to your home’s main wiring panel or to a special sub-panel for the increased space.

    Choose Your Electrical Materials

    When you are planning a wiring scheme for your room addition, you should also make sure that you choose the correct electrical materials for your installation. Your electrician will be able to select the proper gauge of wiring to supply power to the various circuits and fixtures around your new room. If you will be installing a washing machine or other large electrical appliance in your addition, it will be necessary to use heavy duty wiring.

    Learn About Permits and Inspections

    A final step that you will need to take when you are creating wiring for a new home addition is to research the permitting and inspection requirements that affect your local area. You will typically need a building permit in order to legally install wiring in a new home addition. Along with obtaining the proper permits, it will also be necessary to have a building inspector visually check to make sure that all of your electrical work is up to code.

  • Protect Your Home by Taking Advantage of Security Lighting Installation

    You should always be concerned with the safety of your home, and there are a number of ways you can keep your home more secure. What some people don’t realize is that your residential electrician in San Jose can be of help throughout this process . You might consider a new lighting installation in order to change the aesthetics in a room or illuminate your backyard so you can keep the night going, but have you thought about the security benefits it can offer? Read on and protect your home by taking advantage of security lighting installation.

    A security lighting installation actually makes your home safer in a few different ways, making it a great investment for you and your family. Firstly, security lighting gives potential criminals fewer options when it comes to staying hidden on your property. It’s much more difficult to break into a home when you’re in plain sight, which is why many robberies and home invasions happen at night. In addition to deterring criminals and reducing the chance of a break in, security lighting can make your property safer in general. Slipping down a set of outdoor stairs can hurt, but your lighting can help you stay secure.

    Security Lighting Installation in San Jose

  • Reasons to Hire a Professional for Aluminum Wiring Conversion

    If you live in an older home that contains outdated aluminum electrical wiring, now is the time to hire an electrician serving San Jose to replace your old wires. Aluminum electrical wiring is now recognized as a safety hazard in homes and commercial buildings. Without the proper grounding, aluminum wires could put your property at risk of experiencing an electrical fire. With professional assistance from an electrician, you can rest assured that your new wiring system has been properly installed. Here is an overview of three reasons to trust your aluminum wiring conversion to the professionals. wiring - conversion

    Avoid Safety Hazards

    Attempting to perform electrical work on your own could create a serious safety hazard in your home. Electrical repairs and conversions can be extremely dangerous if they are not performed by licensed and trained professionals. By trusting the professionals to perform your aluminum wiring conversion, you can make sure that the procedure is performed safely and without risk of injury. Your electrical team will have the tools and training needed to safely remove and replace the aluminum wires in your home.

    Ensure Proper Conversion

    An aluminum wiring conversion is a highly technical procedure that involves many different steps. Fortunately, your electrician will have received special training on the art of converting a home’s aluminum wiring over to a modern system. After your professional aluminum wiring conversion has been completed, you can feel great knowing that your home’s electrical system is set up correctly.

    Comply With Insurance Requirements

    Depending on the terms and conditions of your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may be required to provide your insurance agent with proof that your repairs were performed by a licensed professional. If you are unable to assure your insurance company that your home is outfitted with professionally installed electrical wiring, you may no longer be eligible for your same insurance plan. With assistance from an electrician, you will be able to make sure that your new wiring installation complies with your insurance requirements.

  • When to Schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection

    An electrical safety inspection can ensure that your wiring, electrical panel, and other electrical components are in proper working condition. To ensure that your safety inspection has been performed in a safe and accurate manner, it is best to trust this service to an electrician serving San Jose. Your electrician will have the tools and experience that are needed to make sure that your electrical system is up and running for all of your needs.

    There are several times when it is important to schedule an electrical inspection for your property. Before and after you complete a home remodeling project, you will want to make sure to set up inspections with your electrical contractor. You may also choose to set up an electrical inspection when you are planning on hanging lights around your property. Electrical safety inspections are also very important for older homes. If you are considering the purchase of an older property, you will want to have your electrician come and take a look at your wiring and electrical panels.

    Schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection in San Jose, CA

  • What Causes Flickering Lights?

    Flickering lights can be creepy, but in some cases they can also serve as signs of danger. In others, however, they simply indicate that you need to change your light bulbs. If changing your bulbs doesn’t work, you will need to call your commercial or residential electrician in San Jose to diagnose the problem and find out what needs to be done. Remember that working on electrical wiring on your own can be dangerous if you are not trained, skilled, and experienced, so play it safe and call the pros. Keep reading to learn what causes flickering lights.

    In many cases you can fix a flickering light by simply taking out your light bulb and replacing it with a new one; however, you should make sure that you wait until the bulb has fully cooled down before touching it to avoid a burn. If it turns out that the light bulb is not the culprit, you will most likely have to call your electrician. Flickering lights can also indicate a problem with your electrical wiring. Try paying attention to when your lights flicker. If they happen whenever a certain appliance turns on or off, this appliance may be demanding too much power.
    Flickering light causes and repair in San Jose, CA