• Electrical Services for Mobile Home Parks

    Mobile home parks have unique electrical requirements. Whether you are designing a new mobile home park or are seeking to upgrade and improve your existing facilities, an electrician serving San Jose can help you choose the right electrical services for your property. At Delta Electric , our electricians are highly experienced in performing all of the special electrical services that are required for mobile home parks. For example, we can assist you with pedestal repair or replacement. In addition, we also offer main house panel upgrades, as well as full panel replacements. To help you ensure that your mobile home park is safe for all residents, we can also help you with hanging lights along streets and driveways. We provide substation circuit breakers, which will ensure that all of your residents are properly connected to the grid. Whether you are in need of minor electrical repairs or are planning a new circuit breaker installation, the experts at Delta Electric will be there to assist you. Electrical Services for Mobile Home Parks

  • How Do Smoke Alarms Work?

    Your home’s electrical system is designed to provide you with convenient power at all times of the day and night. Whether you are planning on hanging lights or installing new circuit breakers in your home, it is essential to entrust these tasks to an electrician serving San Jose . With the help of your electrician, you can make sure that all of the components of your electrical system are working great. One of the most important electrical devices in any home is the smoke alarm. To highlight the importance of keeping your smoke alarm properly maintained, here is a look at how these devices work. Smoke Alarm Installation in San Jose, CA

    The Different Types of Smoke Detectors

    In order to understand how smoke alarms work , it is helpful to understand the different types of smoke detectors that are available. When you are selecting a new smoke alarm, you will have the choice of either an ionization detector or a photoelectric detector. Each type of detector relies on innovative technology in order to pick up on the presence of smoke in your indoor air.

    Ionization Detectors

    Ionization detectors rely on an innovative process that is known as ionization radiation. Inside each ionization detector, there is a tiny amount of an isotope that is known as Americium 241. This isotope decays at a predictable rate. In the event that smoke passes through the detector, the Americium 241 will suddenly start to decay more quickly. This process creates positively charged atoms, which will turn the smoke alarm on and cause it to sound.

    Photoelectric Detectors

    Along with ionization detectors, photoelectric detectors are also commonly found in the home. Unlike ionization detectors, which work due to a chemical reaction, photoelectric detectors are equipped with light-emitting diodes and sensors. The light emitting diode sheds a steady stream of light into the sensor. When smoke enters the chamber, it will partially or fully block the stream of light. As a result, the smoke alarm will know when to turn on.

  • Identifying Common Electrical Issues

    When you are building a new house, you will need to hire a residential electrician in San Jose . With the help of your electrician, you will receive valuable assistance towards all aspects of planning and installing your electrical system. For example, your electrician will be able to help you with hanging lights throughout your home. With properly positioned and wired lights, your indoor spaces will be beautifully illuminated. In addition, an electrician can place and installed light switches, circuit breakers, and more. When you hire an electrician to help you with every step of your electrical installation, you can rest assured that your home’s wiring will work great. For a closer look at some common home electrical issues, watch this video from ehowhome.

  • Getting the Facts About Circuit Breakers

    Your home’s electrical system is made up of many sophisticated components. From your fuse box to your electrical panel, each part of your electrical system is important to its overall function. When you hire a residential electrician in San Jose , your technician may suggest that you schedule an inspection for your circuit breaker. Your circuit breaker is responsible for turning off individual power sources in the event of an electrical surge. Without a properly working circuit breaker, your home could be unsafe. Let’s take a look at some important facts about circuit breakers. Circuit Breaker Facts

    How Circuit Breakers Work

    When you are learning about your home’s circuit breaker , it is helpful to understand how these devices work. A circuit breaker is typically installed in an out of the way location, such as a basement or garage. Each breaker switch on the panel is connected to a different wiring system in your house. For example, you will have specific switches for your kitchen and bathroom.

    The Common Causes of Tripped Circuit Breakers

    There are several different scenarios that can cause your circuit breaker to trip. First, you may find that your circuit breaker trips when you turn on a certain electrical appliance in your house. In addition, large appliances, such as air conditioners, can also trip circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are designed to trip when they sense that one or more electrical circuits has been overloaded. This mechanism will help prevent an electrical fire or other emergency in your home.

    Knowing When to Call an Electrician

    When your circuit breaker trips, you will be able to reset the switch on your own. However, there are certain scenarios that will require you to contact your electrical contractor. For example, if you find that a certain switch in your circuit breaker trips frequently, this could be an indication that your wiring is faulty. By updating your wiring with the help of your electrician, you can improve the performance of your circuit breaker.