• A Look at Amp Panel Upgrades

    AMP Panel Upgrade Services in San Jose, CA Electricity comes into your home through your main electrical panel. The panel then distributes it to the various parts of your house through individual circuit breakers. Over time, these breakers and the electrical panel itself can wear out due to age or constant overloading of your electrical system. Delta Electric can install a new electrical panel near San Jose and upgrade the electricity in your home for you.

    If the circuit breakers in your electrical panel trip on a regular basis, this is a surefire sign that you could benefit from an electrical panel upgrade. Additionally, if you have en electrical panel manufactured by Federal Pacific or Zinsco, it’s probably a good idea to explore an upgrade since electrical panels built by these brands are known for being faulty. By taking a look at your electrical panel, electrical contractors will be able to tell whether or not you need an upgrade almost immediately. Let Delta Electric inspect your electrical panel today, and we will check your circuit breakers and all of the other aspects of your electrical panel to let you know whether or not we would recommend an upgrade for you.

  • Essential Tips for Purchasing a Generator

    Do you want to make sure your home doesn’t lose power in the middle of the next storm or natural disaster? If so, you should purchase a generator. You can buy a portable generator that will allow you to keep your power on for a short amount of time or invest in a more permanent option that is designed to turn on automatically if your home ever loses power. A residential electrician can help you make your decision and take care of any electrical wiring in San Jose that needs to be done. Here are some tips for picking out the right generator for your home. Tips for purchasing Generator in San Jose, CA

    Decide how much you are willing to spend on a generator before you start shopping around for one.

    You can usually purchase a portable generator for as little as a few hundred dollars, but a permanent generator will typically run you a few thousand dollars. Therefore, you have to come up with a budget for your generator from the start. If you don’t have the money to spend a few thousand dollars on a generator, it’s probably not worth it to spend any time looking at permanent options. Instead, focus on portable options that will suit your needs.

    Make sure the generator you choose is large enough to power your home.

    When you turn your generator on, it has to be able to provide your home with all the power that it needs. Sizing a generator for your home can be very difficult, though, and it can require a lot of calculations on your part. Your best bet is to work with a company that deals with generators so that they can help you find one that’s the right size for your specific home.

    Ask an electrician to install your generator for you.

    If you ultimately decide that you want a permanent generator for your home, hire a residential electrician to install it for you and handle all the electrical wiring. You want to make sure that it is properly installed and that it works when your power goes out.

  • The Process of Adding an Electrical Outlet

    Do you have a room in your home that could benefit from the addition of an electrical outlet? It’s easy for an electrician to install one into just about any room in your home. Watch this video to see how quickly you can have an electrical outlet in San Jose installed today.

    While it’s not difficult to add an electrical outlet, it’s a good idea for you to leave the job to the professionals and steer clear of trying to do it yourself. In fact, there are some cities and towns that don’t permit residents to do their own electrical work, so you should pick up the phone and call an electrician if you are thinking about adding a new outlet. Within about an hour or two, an electrician can run electrical wiring to any part of your home and add an outlet for you.

  • Features to Look for in an Electrical Contractor

    Whether you need a small electrical job taken care of in your home or you need your entire business rewired by a commercial electrician, you should do your homework before hiring an electrical contractor. Finding good electricians in San Jose shouldn’t be too difficult, but you want to make sure you bring someone into your home or business that is qualified to do whatever job you need done. Check out some features you should look for in an electrician below. Professional electrical contractor in San Jose, CA

    License and Insurance

    Any electrician that comes to work at your home or business needs to have a license. A license will show you that he or she is recognized by the state as an electrician and that he or she has the proper training that is required to be an electrician. It’s a major flag if an electrical contractor cannot provide you with a license number on the spot. In addition to having a license, an electrician also needs to have insurance. Insurance will ensure that your home and those working on it will be covered financially in the event of an accident during an electrical job.


    When you start the process of trying to find electrical contractors for a job, you should consider how much experience they need to have to finish the project you want them to complete. If you only need a small job done, you might consider hiring a journeyman electrician who only has one or two years of experience. However, if you need to rewire your home’s electric, then you want a master electrician on the job. A master technician will have the ability to tackle any electrical work you need done.


    Once you have found an electrician that you feel comfortable with, it will be time for you to dig into their past work a little bit to see how other people have enjoyed working with them. Ask the electrician for references and call several of them so that you can hear about what you can expect when you work with that particular electrical contractor.