• A Look at Some Home Lighting Design Tips

    Adding a new light fixture is a great way to re-energize the mood and utility of a room. If you are interested in adding custom light fixtures, such as overhead lighting, you may find that professional installation by an electrician is recommended. To learn more about how to make your home more attractive with new lighting, read this article. And if you need a home electrician in San Jose to help you with your lighting installation and rewiring needs, call Delta Electric today.

    Living Room
    Install light for three of the four corners of your living room. One of the lights should be focused on an object, such as a piece a furniture, art, or plant life. Use a variety of lighting, including floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead fixtures . We recommend installing a three-way switch or dimmer Creative Residential Light Design by Delta Electric for a Cozy Home in San Jose for the living room to allow for a range of activities—from reading to watching movies.

    Dining Room
    Make the table the brightest area of the room. A chandelier or pendant above the table is a great way to do this, but you may want to set a 100-watt limit to avoid overpowering the table with light. Indirect lighting is an excellent touch in other parts of the room because it complements the room while promoting relaxation. Table lamps, sconces, and glass-cabinet lighting are effective at creating the perfectly subtle glow.

    Create a cozy atmosphere by placing reading lamps or sconces next to the bed. If you hire an electrician to install recessed lighting or track fixtures, do not aim the light directly at the bed; instead, angle the lights toward the dressing area. Install low-wattage bulbs on lamps to create a tinted glow that resembles candlelight.

    Sidelights, such as sconces on the side of the mirror, are ideal for bathroom lighting. Additional overhead lighting will fill in shadows in the bathroom, which makes it easier to clean. If your bathroom is particularly large, install light over the shower.

  • Outdoor Home Lighting Tips

    Because California tends to be sunny year round, many people don’t put much thought into the design of their home lighting near San Jose . Though you may prefer to enjoy natural light as often as you can, winter days are still short and after sunset any time of year you need good lighting to enjoy your space.

    Have a residential electrician install outdoor home lighting, and you can use your patio and backyard even when it’s dark outside. Also, watch this video to learn how strategic outdoor lighting can actually help make your home more secure.

    To avoid overloading your circuit breaker or electrical panels, always have a licensed electrician do any wiring work to install your outdoor lights.

  • What Are Some Common Electrical Wiring Issues in San Jose?

    Wiring issues can cause problems both in older buildings and in new construction, and they are among the main reasons that homeowners and commercial property owners need electrical services in San Jose . Many wiring issues are also building code violations, because they can pose a danger to the occupants. If you suspect your home or building has any of the wiring issues below, contact a licensed electrician right away.

    Uncovered Junction Box
    Junctions are places where multiple wires are spliced together. All junctions should be covered by a junction box, which protects the wires from damage, prevents people from shocking themselves, and reduces the risk of fires. If you notice an uncovered junction box, have an electrician inspect the electrical wiring before installing a new cover. Common Electrical Wiring Issues in San Jose, CA

    Overwired Electrical Panels
    Individual electrical panels can only have a limited number of circuits connected to them. Panels can become overwired gradually due to mistakes. For example, if property owners or non-certified electricians replace too many single-pole circuit breakers with tandem breakers that control two circuits, the panel will be overwired. To remedy this, you need to have a larger electric panel or a separate sub-panel installed.

    Aluminum Wiring
    Several decades ago, in the 1960s and 1970s, aluminum wiring was approved for commercial and residential use in California. However, in the intervening years, after many aluminum wires corroded and caused arcing and fires, authorities changed the codes. While some older buildings may be grandfathered in, it is still a good idea to replace aluminum wires with modern, safe copper wiring as soon as possible.

    Knob and Tube Wiring
    This very antiquated type of home wiring features wires that are sheathed not in plastic, but in cloth. Ceramic knobs hold the wires down, and ceramic tubes insulate them where they pass through the home’s framing. This type of wiring cannot be grounded, and overheated connections resulting from modern levels of current can easily melt the wires. You should have an electrician replace any knob and tube wiring with modern copper wiring as soon as possible.

  • Signs That Your Building in San Jose Needs to Be Re-Wired

    Many older buildings, both residential and commercial, need rewiring near San Jose . The aluminum wiring that was widely used in the 1960s and 1970s is not safe for use in today’s homes, with their increased use of electricity, and the even older style of knob and tube wiring can be quite unsafe as well.

    Pay close attention to electrical function in your home or commercial property to determine if you need a licensed electrician. Flickering lights, frequent circuit breaker trips, and other seemingly minor problems can all indicate faulty or outdated wiring. Also, if you find that you do not always have enough available outlets and you are using power strips or extension cords, it might be safer to rewire the building and increase the number of receptacles. Excessive sparking or a low hum coming from your electrical panels also point to bad wiring that needs to be replaced. If you notice any of these symptoms, schedule an electrical safety inspection with a licensed electrician so he can examine your wiring and recommend a fix.

    Electrical Aluminum Re-Wiring in San Jose, CA