• Electrical Safety Tips for Older Homes

    If you live in an older home, you may want to schedule preventative maintenance services with an electrician serving San Jose . In this video, you will receive some essential suggestions that will help you to avoid electrical safety problems in your older house. To prevent a fire in your home’s electrical system, take the time to update your electrical panel and replace outdated electrical wiring.

    Whether you have been living in your historic home for years, or you are thinking of purchasing an older residence, a local electrician can help you to make sure that your electrical system is safe for daily use. Rather than attempting to repair your electrical panel on your own, you should always trust this type of service to the professionals.

  • What You Need to Know About Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco Panel Warnings

    Although electrical wiring and appliances have become prime examples of the comforts of home in developed countries, your systems may not be entirely foolproof. Certain electrical panels near San Jose were once popular but fell out of favor when it was discovered that they presented an array of hazards. Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco are two examples of circuit breaker panel companies that ended up threatening the safety of their customers. If you want to make sure your electrical systems are as safe as possible, you should have your professional electrician take a look at your panels and wiring. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco panel warnings. Electrical Services in San Jose, CA

    Federal Pacific Electric Panel

    For a few decades leading up to the 1980s, Federal Pacific Electric held one of the top spots on the list of popular manufacturers of circuit breaker panels in the United States. While this popularity was great for the company, it turned out to be extremely hazardous for consumers. It was ultimately found that the company didn’t test their circuit breaker panels to see if they met the standards set by UL; they clearly would not have met these standards, as they often failed to serve their purpose and caught fire.

    Zinsco Panel

    Like Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco was another company that dealt with circuit breaker panels; and like Federal Pacific Electric, their products were hazardous for the homeowners who purchased them. In addition to creating a fire hazard, Zinsco panels also put consumers at risk for electrical shock. Faulty panels could even require extra energy, driving up your energy bills and reducing the efficiency of your home.

    How to Practice Electrical Safety

    Your electrical system is directly related to the safety and practicality of your home, but it can be complex to diagnose and address the issues you encounter on your own. It’s a good idea to hire and form a relationship with a quality electrical counter sooner rather than later so you can have your systems inspected and make sure your risks and hazards are kept to a minimum.