• Keep Your Kids Safe around Electricity

    If you have children, you know how important it is to make sure home is a safe place. Children are naturally curious and don’t always know about the dangers of electricity, which can easily put children in a position to become seriously injured—or worse. As a parent, one of your main responsibilities at home is to make sure your children understand the dangers of electricity. Fortunately, this video makes it easy. Watch this entertaining clip with your kids to teach them about the importance of electrical safety.

    Keeping your children safe around electricity is important, but so is making sure your home is electrically sound. That’s why it’s important that you contact a licensed residential electrician in San Jose for all of your home’s electrical needs. From small jobs like lighting installation to big projects like replacing the electric panel, a professional electrician will make sure your home’s electrical system is safe and up to code.

  • Electrical Risks to Avoid in Your Home

    Did you know that most home fires are the result of faulty electrical wiring? According to the U.S. Fire Administration, approximately 2,300 people are injured and close to 500 people Americans die in home fires each year that are directly or indirectly related to electrical problems. To make sure your home (and your family) is safe, schedule an inspection with a licensed residential electrician in San Jose . Also, be sure to leave all of your electrical and wiring needs to a professional electrician. You can also prevent a tragedy by avoiding or addressing these common electrical risks in your home.

    Overloaded Electrical Outlets
    Power strips can be a real lifesaver, but they can also be incredibly dangerous. According to statistics by the Electrical Hazards San Jose Consumer Product Safety Commission, overloaded outlets cause an estimated 5,300 house fires in the United States each year. If you have lots of electronics plugged into a single outlet, find another source of power before sparks start to fly.

    DIY Electrical Wiring
    If MacGyver taught us anything, it’s that duct tape and elbow grease can fix just about anything. Unfortunately, this is only true in television shows. You may think you’re prepared to tackle your home’s electrical needs, but all you’re really doing is putting yourself and your family at risk. No matter how small your wiring project is, hire a licensed electrician to make sure the work is done safely and correctly.

    Outdated Breaker Panel
    If your breaker box is more than ten years old, contact an electrician in San Jose about an upgrade. Old breaker panel are not designed to handle the number of high-voltage appliances and electronics commonly used in homes these days. Not only will an outdated breaker panel not supply you with the electricity you need to power all of your appliances and gadgets, but it might also start a fire if it becomes overloaded.

  • Top Reasons to Hire an Electrician for Your Home Rewiring Project

    Home Wiring Projects in San Jose Small home improvement and repair projects are usually easy enough for the average do-it-yourselfer. However, there’s no such thing as a small project when it comes to your home’s electrical and wiring system. Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous, as even the slightest mistake can result in electrocution or lead to conditions which may result in an electrical fire. But as if safety wasn’t enough, there are actually lots more good reasons to hire a residential electrician in San Jose for your home’s rewiring project. Here are some of the most important.

    Save Time
    If your time is valuable, you can’t afford not to hire an electrician for your home rewiring project. Delta Electric can completely install new electrical wiring in a fraction of the time it would take on your own. Not only will this minimize the headache and frustration of having your home out of order, but it will also allow you to focus your energy elsewhere while a professional takes care of the electrical work.

    Save Money
    How could hiring an electrician possibly be less expensive than doing the work yourself? You may save on parts and labor by doing electrical work on your own, but you run the risk of paying a lot more when it’s discovered that you made a mistake. Even a minor error can require hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs, especially if that error lead to an electrical fire. Save your money and don’t take any chances; hire an electrician for all your electrical needs.

    Stay Safe
    Perhaps the most important reason to hire an electrician is the simple fact that working with electricity is incredibly dangerous. Handling your home’s electrical system should only be done by a trained, licensed, and experienced professional. Again, even the slightest error made on your own can result in tragedy.

  • Should You Update Your Home’s Electrical Panel?

    Like most of the homes in San Jose, yours is probably full of outdated appliances and plumbing fixtures. But while Residential electrical panel up-gradation in San Jose, CA some outdated features are only a problem aesthetically, others can be quite dangerous. Take outdated electrical panels, for example. Old breaker panels weren’t designed to handle the enormous voltage requirements of today’s high-powered appliances and consumer electronics. In addition to an inconsistent supply of electricity, your home’s outdated electric panel may also pose a fire hazard.

    The best way to determine whether your home’s electric panel is adequate is to schedule an inspection with a licensed residential electrician in San Jose. A home electrician is a good contact to have regardless, since all of your home’s electrical needs should be left in the hands of experienced electrical technicians.