• The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

    When you are preparing to update the landscaping around your home, you may want to consider an outdoor lighting installation . With the help of a residential electrician in San Jose, you will be able to create a beautiful and functional outdoor lighting design for your property. Outdoor lighting can enhance the curb appeal of your property when you work with a professional electrician. In addition, you can use carefully placed outdoor lights to illuminate your landscaping features during the nighttime hours. For example, you can use your outdoor lighting to shed light on trees, water features, or special hardscaping elements around your yard. Outdoor lighting can also enhance the security of your property at night. With spotlights and motion sensor lights, you can deter criminals from targeting your home. When you are coming home after dark, outdoor lights can also provide you with a safe, well lit path to your front door. Your electrician can provide you with more information about the great reasons to embark on an outdoor lighting installation for your yard. Outdoor Lighting Services in San Jose, CA

  • Signs of Outdated Electrical Wiring

    Whether you are moving into an older home or have lived in the same residence for a few decades, it is important to be on the lookout for the signs of outdated electrical wiring. When your wiring and grounding become too old, your home could be at risk of surges or electrical fires. Fortunately, with the help of an electrician serving San Jose , you can make sure that all of the components of your electrical system are up to date and in proper working order. Read on for a closer look at some of the top signs of outdated electrical wiring. Upgrading Electrical System Services in San Jose, CA

    Frayed Wires

    Your wires are among the most essential components of your electrical system. Without wires, your circuit breaker would not be able to send electricity to the outlets and light fixtures throughout your home. If you ever notice frayed wires around your property, this could be a sign of outdated wiring. Wires can fray due to many different factors, including corrosion, excessive heat, or other forms of damage.

    Scorch Marks

    Scorch marks are a sign that you may want to contact your electrician right away. When an outlet or switch develops scorch marks, it is commonly a sign that the wiring underneath is damaged or otherwise compromised. Scorch marks are caused when wires overheat, leading to damage to the outlet, plate, and even surrounding drywall. Since scorch marks can point to an underlying safety issue, you should be sure to contact your electrician if you notice these symptoms around your house.

    Tripping Circuit Breakers

    Your circuit breakers are designed to prevent the electrical circuits around your house from becoming overloaded with voltage. If your wiring is properly installed and up to date, you will not have to worry about tripped circuit breakers on a frequent basis. When you notice that your appliances or outlets are frequently causing your circuit breakers to trip, you may want to consider scheduling electrical services.

  • Resetting a Tripped Breaker

    A tripped breaker can cause a major disruption to your daily routine. When your circuit breaker trips, you will need to find the location of your circuit breaker inside of your home. Once you have located your circuit breaker, you will need to reset any tripped fuse switches. After looking at your circuit breaker to find which switch has been tripped, you will need to turn the fuse off all the way before it can be turned back on. If you still experience electrical issues after resetting your electrical panel, it may be time to contact a residential electrician in San Jose . For more information about how to reset a tripped circuit breaker, be sure to watch this helpful video.

  • Identifying a Bad Connection in an Electrical Circuit

    Residential Electrical Services in San Jose, CA Your home’s circuit breaker is among its most important electrical safety features. This essential electrical system is designed to prevent excessive voltage from flowing into your electrical panel. Without a working circuit breaker, your electrical system could be at risk of becoming overloaded and causing serious damage to your house. In the event that you suspect issues with your circuit breaker or fuse box, you should be sure to contact an electrician serving San Jose. Here is a look at some of the warning signs that your electrician may be looking out for when checking for a bad connection in your electrical circuit.

    Visible Signs of Damage

    When your electrician is checking your circuit box for signs of a bad connection, he may be looking for visible signs of damage to the system. For example, some of the common signs of a bad connection include wire nuts that are charred or melted. Other visible signs include discoloration on the face of the circuit, as well as any symptoms of melting or bubbling.

    Excessive Heat

    Excessive heat can also be a sign of a poor connection in an electrical circuit. When a circuit box feels hot to the touch, this could indicate that its wiring is loose or otherwise damaged. Since a hot circuit box could lead to significant damage to your electrical system, it is important to schedule electrical services at the first sign of this issue. Your electrician will be able to mend the loose connection and ensure that your circuit box is safe for use.

    Rust and Corrosion

    The wiring that connects a circuit box to an electrical system contains coated metal that should be highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and other types of damage. When a connection becomes loose, however, these metal components could start to corrode. In the event that you notice rust or corrosion near your circuit breaker, do not hesitate to call your electrician. A qualified electrician will be able to solve your loose connection and restore the safety of your electrical wiring.