• Safety In The Home

    Electrical Safety Measures for a Safe Home in San Jose, CA Electrical safety at home should be one of the highest priorities for you and your family. Most of us know to be careful when using candles, but what about portable heaters, gas appliances, and gasoline- or diesel-powered generators to light or heat our home? These items might be dangerous and require extra safety measures.

    Accidents can happen to anyone. However, if we know how they are most likely to occur, we can prevent electrical accidents in and around the home. Here are a few tips you can follow to help you avoid common electrical problems – and ensure the safety of you and your family.

    • Circuit breakers/fuses are safety devices and cut off power to an electrical circuit if it becomes dangerously overloaded or if a short circuit occurs.
    • If you lose power to one of your house circuits, check the equipment on the circuit to determine what caused the outage.
    • Make sure your hands, and the floor you are standing on, are dry.
    • Push the breaker switch to the full OFF position, then back to ON. Or carefully replace the fuse.
    • If you cannot find the problem and the breaker or fuse keeps shutting off power, call Delta Electric as it may be that your home’s electrical system may need to be upgraded.
    • Treat electric lamp or appliance cords and extension cords with the same respect as house wiring and protect cords from damage.
    • Do not place a cord where it’s likely to be walked on. Avoid twisting, kinking, or crushing the cord and keep cords away from heat or water.

    One more home item people overlook are their trees in the yard. If you want to plant trees that will grow to more than 30 feet tall, make sure they are well away from power lines.

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