• How Exactly Does Electricity Get to Your Home?

    You can use your fuse box near San Jose to interact with your electrical system , but the electricity came a long way before it made it to your breaker box. It also has to make a few stops before it gets to your home, but different elements come together to create a consistent electricity grid. Watch this video and learn how exactly electricity gets into your home.

    Electricity starts out in a power generating facility. This facility uses renewable and nonrenewable energy to generate electricity before sending it through high-voltage transmission lines. These transmission lines move large amounts of electricity from one place to another, even across long distances. The next waypoint is a neighborhood substation, where the voltage is lowered. Then it moves through power lines and poles into your home, where you can access it through your outlets or cut it off with your circuit breaker.

  • Warning Signs of a Building That Should Be Rewired

    When you are thinking of purchasing an older property, it is very important to have an electrician inspect the home’s wiring. Electrical standards and regulations have been updated over time, and an older home may contain not contain modern wires, grounding units, or breaker box systems. An electrician serving San Jose will be able to determine whether a rewiring project is needed for a property. Here is an overview of some warning signs that a building needs to be rewired. Warning signs of rewiring your building by Delta Electric

    Overheating Electrical Sockets

    To determine whether a building needs to be rewired, your electrician may start by taking a look at the electrical sockets. If the sockets are hot to the touch after they have been turned on, they may be in need of new wiring. An electrical system that is overloaded or outdated may cause the electrical sockets to heat up dangerously. Replacing your wiring may also mean that you need to install brand new sockets in each room.

    Outdated Fuse Box

    An outdated fuse box is another key indication that a property needs to be rewired. When an electrician inspects your property’s wiring, he may take a look to see whether an older style of fuse box is still in place. If the fuse box has not been updated, this is a sign that the wiring in the home has also not been replaced. Replacing the fuse box and wiring will make the properly much safer for all of its occupants.

    Damaged Sockets or Light Switches

    Signs of damage to the sockets or light switches may also indicate that a building needs to be rewired. Your sockets may show signs of burns or loose fittings. Any visible signs to the sockets or light switches of a property will clearly indicate that the system needs to be rewired. After you have the home rewired, you can rest assured that its electrical system is safe for use.