Aluminum Wiring Conversion Services in San Jose, C

Aluminum Wiring Services

Does your residential or commercial building currently use aluminum wiring for electricity? If so, it’s essential to be aware of the potential hazards, as well as the various conversion methods available to you. Delta Electric is here to guide you through the risks associated with aluminum wiring and the services that are geared toward increasing the safety of your space.

Understanding Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum Wiring Services in San Jose, CA
Aluminum wiring was once thought to be the superior electrical wiring method for homes and businesses, as it was a better conductor of electricity. However, it’s been discovered that aluminum wiring poses several safety risks.

The primary risk associated with aluminum wiring is that it can become loose over time, leading to sparking and increased resistance in the wiring. This can cause overheating and potentially lead to a fire. Additionally, aluminum wiring may not make good connections with copper terminals, which can also be a fire hazard.

Aluminum Wiring Electricians

Delta Electric’s aluminum wiring electricians are highly qualified, licensed professionals who have undergone significant training to be best suited to handle your aluminum wiring conversion services. They are equipped with the knowledge and experience to identify aluminum wiring issues and rectify the functionality of your wiring, no matter the complexity of your specific situation.

Aluminum Electrical Wiring Repair and Rewiring

When it comes to replacing your aluminum wiring, there are three acceptable methods for electrical repair: the Copalum crimp method, AlumiConn connectors, or a complete replacement with copper wiring. All three of these conversion methods are available to you from the skilled electricians at Delta Electric.

Which Aluminum Wiring Conversion Is Right for Your Property?

The experts at Delta Electric can assess your property and help you determine which conversion method is adequately suited for your specific situation. We are committed to providing our clients with unparalleled customer service, and you can count on us to develop the best course of action for your aluminum conversion service.

The Copalum Crimp Method

The Copalum crimp method for converting aluminum wiring to a safer type of wiring involves using a unique tool called a Copalum crimper to crimp copper sleeves onto the ends of the aluminum wires. These copper sleeves provide a secure and stable connection between the aluminum wire and copper terminals.

Alumiconn Connectors

Aluminum Wiring in San Jose, CA
The AlumiConn connector converts aluminum wiring to a more stable type of wiring. It is a mechanical connector explicitly designed for aluminum wiring use. It connects a short piece of copper wire to the existing aluminum wire, which is then connected to an electrical device, creating a mechanical and electrical bond between the materials.

Full Replacement With Copper Wiring

Replacing the aluminum wiring in your building with copper wiring can be performed by Delta Electric’s experienced electricians. This process includes identifying the aluminum wiring in the building, securely removing it, and performing a complete replacement with copper wiring for maximum efficiency and security.

Our electricians will ensure that the new copper wiring is properly grounded and connected to the appropriate devices. Additionally, our electricians will check for any potential issues in the wiring, such as loose connections, and repair them as necessary to ensure a permanent and safe solution.

Increase the Safety of Your Property’s Wiring

Don’t wait until your aluminum wiring poses a threat to address it; trust the professional aluminum wiring specialists at Delta Electric to restore the safety and efficiency of your building before a problem arises. Contact our team today to get a free estimate of our electrical services.

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