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Aluminum Wiring in Homes and Businesses: Is It Safe?

Does your residential or commercial building currently use aluminum wiring for electricity? If so, it’s important to be aware of the potential hazards, as well as the various conversion methods available. Aluminum wiring was once thought to be superior to other electrical wiring methods, as it was a better conductor of electricity; however, these days, we know aluminum poses a number of safety risks, including an increased potential for fire due to overheating. Delta Electric is here to help you protect your San Jose-area home or business by converting your existing aluminum wiring to safer, less hazardous electrical wiring materials. Our commercial and residential electricians are trained to provide the best course of action for your specific needs. We offer comprehensive conversion solutions to ensure your building stays safe and up to date with current electrical wiring recommendations.

Aluminum wiring conversion options for your residential or commercial building

When it comes to replacing your aluminum wiring, there are three acceptable methods for electrical repair. One option, called the COPALUM Crimp method, involves attaching copper wiring to the existing aluminum by crimping them together. A second technique involves using AlumiConn connectors by King Innovation and attaching copper wires to the aluminum ones throughout your building. The third possibility is to simply replace all the aluminum wiring with copper wiring. All three of these conversion methods are available to you courtesy of the skilled electricians at Delta Electric. We can assess your property and help you choose which method is best for your particular situation. Because we are committed to providing our clients with unparalleled customer service, you can count on us to give you our honest opinion on the best course of action for converting the aluminum wiring in your home or business. You can also trust us to offer competitive pricing on our aluminum conversion services, so you will always be sure you’re getting a great price on an important improvement to your building. We can help you select the best option for your wiring conversion project, thanks to the many years of electrical experience we bring to the table.

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