• Safety Inspections by Electrician in San Jose

    If you have an older home, the best way to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings is to have your home inspected by a trained professional. The electricians here at Delta Electric are fully licensed and have years of experience. Over the years, our team has completed countless safety inspections for homeowners throughout San Jose . The findings of our safety inspections save homeowners the expense of damage that could have been avoided.

    When you hire an experienced company like Delta Electric to perform a safety inspection, you can count on a professional to go through your home and identify any areas of concern. The electrician performing the safety inspection will then make no-hassle recommendations to you based on the findings of the safety inspection.

  • Bringing Silicon Valley Homes Into the New Century

    Silicon Valley has been at the forefront of innovation in computer technology since the latter part of the 20 th century. With so much focus on bringing new and exciting technologies to consumers, you might be surprised to learn that the houses in and around San Jose are sometimes woefully out of date. Many homes built before 1980 have electrical panels that are prone to malfunctioning, overheating, and causing fires. If you see FPE or Zinsco on your breaker box, contact your San Jose electrician to discuss your options for upgrading. Older electrical panels and wiring aren’t just outdated—they can also be dangerous. Check out this infographic to learn why you should have an electrician inspect your home today. Share with your friends and neighbors to help keep everyone safe.


    Panel upgrades by Delta Electric in San Jose, CA

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Dedicated Circuits

    In the past, residential electrical systems were designed to deliver the same amount of power from the electric panel to each of the outlets. However, some modern appliances have higher power demands than average electronics. In order to supply these appliances with the power they need without effecting any other appliances or electronics, a residential electrician can install dedicated circuits in your home. A dedicated circuit has its own circuit breaker inside the electric panel, and each dedicated circuit serves only one appliance. To help you understand your electrical system and make the best decision for your home, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about dedicated circuits.

    Residential Appliances Dedicated Circuits in San Jose, CA Are Dedicated Circuits Required by Law?

    Dedicated circuits can protect your home and your expensive appliances, but they are also required by the National Electric Code (NEC). If you have an older home that doesn’t have dedicated circuits for all of its fixed appliances, hire an electrician to install dedicated circuits to make sure that your system is up to code.

    What Could Happen without a Dedicated Circuit?

    Sure, dedicated circuits are required by law, but what’s the worst that could happen without them? We’re here to tell you, a lot can happen without them. For starters, dedicated circuits keep your expensive appliances in good shape by ensuring a steady source of reliable electricity. Secondly, if you do not have a dedicated circuit for a high power appliance and that appliance overload your home’s electrical system, the current may overheat the wires and cause a fire.

    What Types of Appliances Need Dedicated Circuits?

    Generally speaking, any appliance that uses a great deal of electricity should have a dedicated circuit. Some common examples of appliances that need a dedicated circuit include refrigerators, electric ovens and stoves, air conditioners, and electric furnace. Appliances with a motor should also have a dedicated circuit. When in doubt about an appliance, contact an electrician .