What Causes Flickering Lights?

Flickering lights can be creepy, but in some cases they can also serve as signs of danger. In others, however, they simply indicate that you need to change your light bulbs. If changing your bulbs doesn’t work, you will need to call your commercial or residential electrician in San Jose to diagnose the problem and find out what needs to be done. Remember that working on electrical wiring on your own can be dangerous if you are not trained, skilled, and experienced, so play it safe and call the pros. Keep reading to learn what causes flickering lights.

In many cases you can fix a flickering light by simply taking out your light bulb and replacing it with a new one; however, you should make sure that you wait until the bulb has fully cooled down before touching it to avoid a burn. If it turns out that the light bulb is not the culprit, you will most likely have to call your electrician. Flickering lights can also indicate a problem with your electrical wiring. Try paying attention to when your lights flicker. If they happen whenever a certain appliance turns on or off, this appliance may be demanding too much power.
Flickering light causes and repair in San Jose, CA

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