• Signs That Your Office Should Be Rewired

    If your commercial office is more than a decade old, chances are that it may be in need of services from a commercial electrician. Along with checking your breaker box and grounding, your electrician serving San Jose will also be able to determine whether your electrical wiring is in need of an upgrade. By investing in new electrical wiring for your office building, you can help to keep your facility in safe condition for all of your daily operations.

    There are a few common signs that your office is ready for rewiring services. With services from a commercial electrician, you can determine whether your existing wiring was installed using materials that are now considered to be outdated. Office buildings that contain aluminum electrical wiring should be renovated with the latest wiring materials. Another sign that your office needs to be rewired is when you start to notice that your current system is not providing enough power to your switches or outlets.

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  • A Look at How Energy-Efficient LED Lights Have Changed the World

    The inventors of the LED light have recently been awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics. In this video from Seeker, you will take a look at how LED lighting has changed the world. By providing homeowners and businesses with energy-efficient lighting, LED lights have improved our quality of life. An electrician serving San Jose can help you plan a new LED lighting installation for your home.

    After you make the switch to LED hanging lights and recessed lights throughout your household, you are sure to be impressed with the amazing performance of these innovative light bulbs. LED lights are much longer lasting than conventional bulbs, and they can help you to significantly decrease your home’s energy consumption.

  • Why You May Need Electrical Remodeling Services for Your Home

    Home remodeling refers to more than new kitchen countertops or a different front door. Sometimes you need to have your residential electrician in San Jose offer electrical remodeling services. This might include replacing electrical panels that have become faulty or dangerous, changing the wiring in your home, or adding a couple of extra circuits to avoid power outages and increase convenience. Keep reading to see why you may need electrical remodeling services . electrical - remodeling

    Fixing Faulty Electrical Panels

    Older homes tend to have older fixtures and appliances, which means your electrical panel might not be up-to-date. We use different practices and materials today than we did in the past, and there are reasons for the changes that have occurred. As we learn more about the materials and methods we use, we find out which ones are safest and most effective. If you have an older home, your electrical panel might be outdated. This can be dangerous for your home, but electrical remodeling can help. Call your residential electrician to discuss having your electrical panel upgraded.

    Rewiring Your Home

    Just like how older houses may come with outdated fuse boxes, they may come with older electrical wiring as well. If you want to minimize your risk of electrical problems—and the hazards that are associated with them—you can always consider electrical remodeling services. Make sure you talk to your electrician about electrical remodeling before you take on any remodeling projects so you can be as safe as possible during the process.

    Enjoying More Circuits

    From your kitchen to your bathroom to your garage, every area in your house has its own appliances that need outlets. If you don’t have enough outlets for your appliances, you might want to talk to your electrician about electrical remodeling services. This can make it so you don’t have to constantly switch out appliances from your outlets when you want to turn them on. In addition, it can prevent you from stretching a wire across the room to make it to an outlet. In this way, adding extra circuits can improve efficiency and convenience.

  • Why Aluminum Wiring Can Be Dangerous

    Although our society depends on electricity all day, every day to keep moving forward, we shouldn’t forget how dangerous it can be when it’s not harnessed properly. It helps to know what kind of wiring you have so you can let your electrician serving San Jose know if you run into problems. Watch this video on why aluminum wiring can be dangerous .

    Using aluminum wiring doesn’t guarantee a disaster, but there is a good reason that the industry has switched to copper. Copper doesn’t expand and contract as quickly as aluminum does, making it less volatile and more reliable for your electrical system. If it gets to the point where the connection breaks and electricity must move through the air to get to the next contact, the heat that is generated can lead to a fire. Keep an eye out for charred outlets and investigate any abnormal smells.

  • Beware of Old Wiring When Buying a Home

    Buying an older home comes with certain precautions and considerations. Before you put the down payment on a home that was constructed before the 1980s, you may want to hire an electrician to perform a thorough inspection of the property. An electrician serving San Jose can inspect the electrical wiring, grounding units, and other electrical systems that are contained within your potential home. If the home’s wiring is too outdated, you may want to think twice before you make your purchase. Here is a look at some reasons to beware of old wiring when you are buying a home. Old wiring replacement in San Jose, CA

    Fire Hazards

    One of the top reasons to be aware of the dangers of old wiring when you purchase an old home is the potential for significant fire hazards. Outdated aluminum or knot and tube wiring can pose a significant safety threat to you and your loved ones. If aluminum wires become frayed or otherwise damaged, they can spark and create an electrical fire that will devastate your property.

    Poor Grounding

    The wiring in an older home may also not be properly grounded. The three prong cords that are attached to today’s modern appliances are designed to connect to a home’s grounded wiring system. If many or all of the outlets in an older home do not contain outlets that can accept three pronged plugs, this is a sign that the property’s wiring system may be outdated and in need of replacement.

    Significant Expense

    Before you can occupy an older home, you will need to get the property up to the building codes that relate to your area. If a home’s wiring is out of date, it is possible that you will be required to replace the entire system before you can move into the property. A full rewiring procedure can be an extremely expensive endeavor that also takes months to accomplish. By choosing to buy a newer home that is properly wired, you can save time and money on your purchase.

  • An Introduction to Electrical Hazards

    An electrician serving San Jose will be fully trained and experienced in safely handling electrical outlets and panels, but the average person might not be. You don’t have to learn too much specialized knowledge in order to protect yourself from hazards , however, and there are certain elements of electricity that everyone should understand. Check out this video for an introduction to electrical hazards.

    A standard electrical outlet that you find around your house can quickly go from being convenient to dangerous if you use it improperly or if you have certain electrical problems. Keep in mind that skin is an insulator, which means it protects you from electricity. However, it can only protect you to such a degree. If electricity passes through your skin and into your body, you may face serious injuries. From a small tingle to irregular heartbeats and boiling of the blood, electric shock can be extremely dangerous.

  • FAQs About Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections

    Just like your residential electrical systems, your commercial electric near San Jose should be kept as safe as possible. In order to do this, you’ll need your commercial electrician to conduct a safety inspection. This process can help your workers and your customers remain safe and secure on your premises, and it can also help save your business money. A safety inspection is also an important aspect of staying up to code and complying with local regulations. Keep reading for more on these FAQs about commercial electrical safety inspections. FAQs of commercial electrical safety inspections

    How can an inspection improve safety?

    Not everyone is trained to recognize electrical hazards, which is why your commercial electrician is an integral part of your business’ safety. Your commercial electrician will know exactly what kinds of problems to look for, and he or she can help you prevent them from occurring. You have to consider the needs and safety of a few different groups of people when you run a business, from your staff to the customers who help your business stay afloat. Commercial electrical safety inspections will ensure that your systems are functioning properly and not posing a threat to your employees or your patrons.

    Can it save my business money?

    When you undergo a commercial electrical safety inspection, you get the opportunity to recognize problems with your electrical system before they escalate. It’s much cheaper to prevent a problem than to have your electrician repair it once the damage has been done, so in this way an electrical safety inspection can save your business money. This responsible forethought can free up your finances and offer you some added flexibility, which is always welcome as a business owner.

    Will it keep me up to code?

    When you run a business, it’s important that you meet all of the local rules and regulations. If you want to keep your business up to code, you can have your commercial electrician provide you with an electrical safety inspection. In addition to creating a safer environment for everyone involved, staying up to code will protect the reputation of your company and help avoid legal issues.

  • Signs You Should Have Your Home’s Electrical Wiring Inspected

    As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that the various systems throughout your property are in safe working condition. If you have started to notice that your light switches or outlets are not functioning correctly, it may be time to hire an electrician serving San Jose to inspect your electrical wiring. A team of electricians can take a look at your fuse box and electrical wires to make sure that they are not damaged or in danger of causing an electrical fire. Read further to learn some of the top signs that you need to have your home’s electrical wiring inspected. Residential electrical wiring repair signs by Delta Electric

    Frequent Circuit Trips

    The electrical wiring in your home should supply enough power to run all of your outlets, appliances, and lighting. While an occasional tripped circuit is not cause for serious concern, you may want to call your electrician if you are experiencing trouble with your circuits on a regular basis. Frequent circuit trips could point to faulty wiring somewhere in your home’s electrical system.

    Flickering Lights

    You may want to have your home’s wiring inspected if you start to notice that your overhead lights are flickering. More than just a mere nuisance, a flickering light source could indicate major problems in your home’s electrical system. A flickering light fixture is often caused by faulty or damaged wiring, which will require professional repairs in order to be returned to safe working condition. When your lights flicker on and off, this is an indication that you are ready for a wiring inspection.

    Burning or Foul Odors

    If your wiring is seriously damaged and in need of immediate replacement, you may start to smell burning or foul odors coming out of one or more electrical outlet. A burning smell could indicate that your electrical wiring is in danger of starting an electrical fire. By taking the time to have your wiring inspected at the first sign of an electrical problem, you can avoid a serious emergency in your home.

  • Reasons to Hire a Professional for Aluminum Wiring Conversion

    If you live in an older home that contains outdated aluminum electrical wiring, now is the time to hire an electrician serving San Jose to replace your old wires. Aluminum electrical wiring is now recognized as a safety hazard in homes and commercial buildings. Without the proper grounding, aluminum wires could put your property at risk of experiencing an electrical fire. With professional assistance from an electrician, you can rest assured that your new wiring system has been properly installed. Here is an overview of three reasons to trust your aluminum wiring conversion to the professionals. wiring - conversion

    Avoid Safety Hazards

    Attempting to perform electrical work on your own could create a serious safety hazard in your home. Electrical repairs and conversions can be extremely dangerous if they are not performed by licensed and trained professionals. By trusting the professionals to perform your aluminum wiring conversion, you can make sure that the procedure is performed safely and without risk of injury. Your electrical team will have the tools and training needed to safely remove and replace the aluminum wires in your home.

    Ensure Proper Conversion

    An aluminum wiring conversion is a highly technical procedure that involves many different steps. Fortunately, your electrician will have received special training on the art of converting a home’s aluminum wiring over to a modern system. After your professional aluminum wiring conversion has been completed, you can feel great knowing that your home’s electrical system is set up correctly.

    Comply With Insurance Requirements

    Depending on the terms and conditions of your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may be required to provide your insurance agent with proof that your repairs were performed by a licensed professional. If you are unable to assure your insurance company that your home is outfitted with professionally installed electrical wiring, you may no longer be eligible for your same insurance plan. With assistance from an electrician, you will be able to make sure that your new wiring installation complies with your insurance requirements.

  • What Are Dedicated Circuits?

    When you are installing new electrical appliances in your home, you may need to hire an electrician to place new dedicated circuits around your property. Dedicated circuits are electrical circuits that are designed specifically to handle the larger electrical requirements of major appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers. Your residential electrician in San Jose can help you install and maintain dedicated circuits throughout your property.

    Dedicated circuits are unique, because they are equipped with their own circuit breakers. If the circuit becomes overloaded, the dedicated circuit breaker will immediately switch off. By providing appliances with their own circuit breakers, dedicated circuits are able to help prevent the overload of your home’s main electrical panel. Each major electrical appliance in your home is required by national code to be connected to its own dedicated circuit. Some examples of appliances that need dedicated circuits include wall ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and garbage disposals.

    Dedicated Circuits in San Jose