The Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Dangers of aluminum wiring by Delta Electric

Does your home have aluminum wiring installed inside of it? If so, you should strongly consider calling an electrician to take a look at it because of the dangers associated with aluminum electrical connections. Delta Electric specializes in investigating problems with electrical wiring in San Jose and can tell you more about the problems that often come along with aluminum wiring.

While there are less than two million American homes that have aluminum wiring installed, these homes are at an almost constant risk of having a home fire. Aluminum electrical wiring is known to deteriorate at the points where it is connected to light switches and electrical outlets. When this happens, the electrical wiring becomes a fire hazard, and there are typically hundreds of these dangerous connections inside the average home. Schedule a visit from Delta Electric if you have aluminum wiring, and we will send a licensed electrician to take care of your problem and reduce the risk associated with aluminum wiring. Dangers of aluminum wiring by Delta Electric

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