Repairing Aluminum Wiring in San Jose

Electrical safety inspection service in San Jose

In the 1960s, copper prices skyrocketed in America, causing residential electricians and homeowners to turn to aluminum as a cheaper alternative. Unfortunately, aluminum wiring really is not compatible with older electrical outlets and switches in homes, and has a high potential to cause house fires. If you happen to know that your home is wired with aluminum, you should consider calling an electrician serving San Jose to have your wiring repaired or replaced.

One way to repair aluminum wiring is to completely replace it with copper wiring. Otherwise, the U.S. Consumer Copper electrical wires San Jose Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approves two repair methods that involve splicing new copper wires to existing aluminum ones. The more expensive method utilizes specialized connectors called COPALUM, which is considered to be a reliable and permanent. The other repair method utilizes a smaller lug-type connector called AlumiConn. For peace of mind and safety reasons, hire a certified electrical contractor to perform any of the jobs mentioned. That way, you’ll know it’s done properly.

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