What Are Some Common Electrical Wiring Issues in San Jose?

Common electrical wiring issues in San Jose, CA

Wiring issues can cause problems both in older buildings and in new construction, and they are among the main reasons that homeowners and commercial property owners need electrical services in San Jose . Many wiring issues are also building code violations, because they can pose a danger to the occupants. If you suspect your home or building has any of the wiring issues below, contact a licensed electrician right away.

Uncovered Junction Box
Junctions are places where multiple wires are spliced together. All junctions should be covered by a junction box, which protects the wires from damage, prevents people from shocking themselves, and reduces the risk of fires. If you notice an uncovered junction box, have an electrician inspect the electrical wiring before installing a new cover. Common electrical wiring issues in San Jose, CA

Overwired Electrical Panels
Individual electrical panels can only have a limited number of circuits connected to them. Panels can become overwired gradually due to mistakes. For example, if property owners or non-certified electricians replace too many single-pole circuit breakers with tandem breakers that control two circuits, the panel will be overwired. To remedy this, you need to have a larger electric panel or a separate sub-panel installed.

Aluminum Wiring
Several decades ago, in the 1960s and 1970s, aluminum wiring was approved for commercial and residential use in California. However, in the intervening years, after many aluminum wires corroded and caused arcing and fires, authorities changed the codes. While some older buildings may be grandfathered in, it is still a good idea to replace aluminum wires with modern, safe copper wiring as soon as possible.

Knob and Tube Wiring
This very antiquated type of home wiring features wires that are sheathed not in plastic, but in cloth. Ceramic knobs hold the wires down, and ceramic tubes insulate them where they pass through the home’s framing. This type of wiring cannot be grounded, and overheated connections resulting from modern levels of current can easily melt the wires. You should have an electrician replace any knob and tube wiring with modern copper wiring as soon as possible.

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