An Electrical Safety Video to Share with Your Kids

You don’t have to be an electrician serving San Jose to understand how electrical outlets work and how to stay safe when using them. The earlier you learn about electricity, the more easily you can protect yourself, your family, and your house. Watch this electrical safety video and share it with your kids.

Electricity uses different kinds of mediums to travel, but some are more efficient than others. Water, wood, and metal materials are all conductors of electricity, so they help it move from place to place. Make sure you keep these materials away from electrical outlets to prevent serious accidents like fires and electrocution. You should also be sure to avoid power lines, especially during severe weather events like thunderstorms; even power lines that don’t necessarily look dangerous can still be hazardous to your safety. Remember to avoid plugging too many appliances into an outlet to avoid blown fuses and other electrical problems.

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