Is the Wiring in Your Home Safe?

Home wiring safety in San Jose, CA

Maybe the electrical wiring in your home is old. Or maybe it wasn’t installed properly when your home was first built. Whatever the case, it can cause serious problems and even lead to a home fire if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, there are signs you can look out for in the event of faulty wiring in your home. Call an electrician serving San Jose if you notice any of these problems. Home wiring safety in San Jose, CA

Your Circuit Breaker Trips Often

Circuit breakers are designed to shut off your power whenever you are using too much electric at one time. That is their job, and they can actually help you prevent problems by doing it. However, if your circuit breaker shuts off your power all the time and you are constantly tripping it, your electrical wiring very well may be outdated and need to be replaced by an electrician.

Your Lights Flicker, Buzz, or Dim When You Use Them

While a circuit breaker that trips often is a pretty obvious sign that you have an electrical issue, there are some signs that are more subtle. For example, if your lights flicker, buzz, or dim when you are using them, this likely means that your electrical wiring is having trouble providing enough power to them. It’s time to upgrade your electric.

Your Walls Are Warm Near Outlets

Go around to several outlets in your home and feel the walls surrounding them when they are in use. Do they feel warm to the touch? Or do you feel the walls vibrating? These are both signs that your electrical wiring is going bad. The heat that is being generated can cause wires to melt, which can result in sparking and eventually a fire.

Your Home Smells Like Smoke

This is the most obvious sign, but if you ever smell even the slightest hint of smoke in your home, it’s time to call an electrician to let him or her investigate your electrical wiring. There’s a very good chance it is not safe and is on the brink of causing a catastrophe.

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