Understanding the Most Common Wiring Issues

Wiring issues servicing in San Jose, CA

How old is your home? This is important information, especially considering that the age of your home is most likely the same age as the electrical wiring inside the walls. Out-of-date electrical wiring can cause all sorts of issues, especially when trying to power today’s every-growing collection of electricity-hungry appliances and electronics. The good news is that a certified residential electrician in San Jose can fix all of your home’s wiring issues and make sure they never happen again. Here’s a look at some of the most common wiring issues you may experience, and how your electrician can help. Wiring issues servicing in San Jose, CA

Ungrounded Receptacles

An ungrounded electrical system is incredibly dangerous. Although ungrounded receptacles are not an electrical code violation, they are dangerous enough to warrant a call to the electrician. How do you know if you have ungrounded receptacles? It’s easy, just look for two-pronged outlets around your home. Not only are ungrounded receptacles dangerous for humans, but they can also damage your expensive appliances and electronics.


Speaking of outlets, another common wiring issue is a lack of ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in wet areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen. GFCIs shut down electrical circuits in four milliseconds to prevent fatal shocks. Electrical codes require GFCIs within four feet of any sink and on all garage, basement, and outdoor outlets. If your home lacks GFCIs in these required areas, contact a residential electrician in San Jose.

Aluminum Wiring

This type of wiring was very common in the 1960s and 70s as a cheap substitute for copper. Unfortunately, aluminum wiring is very dangerous. Aluminum corrodes when in contact with copper, and the loosened connections can lead to arcing and fires. Converting or retrofitting aluminum wiring can be hard (and dangerous) to do yourself, so it’s best to hire a certified electrician if you believe your home uses aluminum wiring.

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