An Introduction to Electrical Hazards

Electrical Hazards Introduction by Delta Electric

An electrician serving San Jose will be fully trained and experienced in safely handling electrical outlets and panels, but the average person might not be. You don’t have to learn too much specialized knowledge in order to protect yourself from hazards , however, and there are certain elements of electricity that everyone should understand. Check out this video for an introduction to electrical hazards.

A standard electrical outlet that you find around your house can quickly go from being convenient to dangerous if you use it improperly or if you have certain electrical problems. Keep in mind that skin is an insulator, which means it protects you from electricity. However, it can only protect you to such a degree. If electricity passes through your skin and into your body, you may face serious injuries. From a small tingle to irregular heartbeats and boiling of the blood, electric shock can be extremely dangerous.

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