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Questions to Ask About Your Commercial Electrical Remodeling Project

Deciding to undergo commercial electrical remodeling is a responsible decision that can protect employees, customers, and even your building itself. When you meet with your commercial electrician in ...
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An Electrical Safety Video to Share with Your Kids

You don’t have to be an electrician serving San Jose to understand how electrical outlets work and how to stay safe when using them. The earlier you learn about electricity, the more easily you ...
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Signs that You Need New Electrical Wiring

Proper electrical wiring in San Jose helps to keep your home or business place safe and efficient, but it won’t last forever. If you want to make the most of your electrical systems, you will ...
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A Look at the Electrical Needs of Mobile Home Parks

Just like any other community, mobile home parks require certain electrical services near San Jose. Quality electrical contractors and the services they provide can keep people safe as well as improve ...
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What You Need to Know About Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco Panel Warnings

Although electrical wiring and appliances have become prime examples of the comforts of home in developed countries, your systems may not be entirely foolproof. Certain electrical panels near San Jose ...
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Common Causes of Tripped Circuit Breakers

When your appliances shut off and your power goes out for no apparent reason, the culprit may be a tripped circuit breaker. If you don’t want to call your electrician serving San Jose every time ...
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Could Your Electrician Be the Key to Home Upgrades?

Every homeowner needs a team of professionals to make sure everything stays in working order. Your team might be made up of contractors like plumbers, landscapers, and electricians serving San Jose. ...
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Why You Need a Professional for Wiring Conversion

Being a homeowner is a big responsibility. However, just because you’re responsible for your home doesn’t mean you have to perform every maintenance and home improvement job yourself. If ...
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The Importance of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

As a homeowner, you want to make your home as safe as possible for yourself and your family. As you look around your home, you might assume that you’ve already achieved maximum safety. However, ...
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What Is Whole House Surge Protection?

A power surge is bad news for any homeowner. All it takes is one big electrical fluctuation to completely fry your computer or any of your vital home appliances. The best thing you can do is protect ...
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Problems with Aluminum Wiring

When it comes to home wiring, copper is the gold standard—or more appropriately, the “copper standard.” However, the price of copper has fluctuated over the years, whereas aluminum ...
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What Is Knob-and-Tube Wiring?

As a homeowner, you likely take great pride in tackling home improvement projects yourself. However, there are some things that are worth calling a professional for: electrical wiring, for example. If ...
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What to Know About Arc Fault Breakers

Since most of a typical home’s electrical system is out of sight, most homeowners do not understand how complex or sophisticated it truly is. For example, one big aspect of the modern home ...
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How to Reset a GFCI Outlet

Most homeowners know very little about their electrical system. While you don’t need to be a professional electrician to be a responsible homeowner, it helps to know a few basic things. For ...
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Tips for Choosing an Electrician

Your home is probably one of your favorite places on Earth. As such, you wouldn’t trust its care and maintenance with just anybody. However, there are certain maintenance and home improvement ...
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Resetting Your Circuit Breaker

When a circuit breaker trips in your home, it’s usually a sign that you have been using too much electricity in one specific part of your house. Hair dryers, irons, and older appliances can all ...
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What to Expect from Your Electrician

If you are having an electrical problem inside of your home or business, you should not attempt to fix it yourself. Even if you are handy in other areas, you should leave the electrical work to a ...
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Electrical Maintenance Tips

When you encounter an electrical problem like a loose outlet in your home, you shouldn’t ignore it. Not maintaining your electrical system properly could lead to much larger electrical problems ...
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What's Tripping Your Circuit Breaker?

Is one of the circuit breakers in your fuse box tripping on a regular basis? If so, this is a sign that you may need to have an electrician come out to take a look at your electrical panel in San ...
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Electrical Services for Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home parks have unique electrical requirements. Whether you are designing a new mobile home park or are seeking to upgrade and improve your existing facilities, an electrician serving San Jose ...
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How Do Smoke Alarms Work?

Your home’s electrical system is designed to provide you with convenient power at all times of the day and night. Whether you are planning on hanging lights or installing new circuit breakers in ...
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Identifying Common Electrical Issues

When you are building a new house, you will need to hire a residential electrician in San Jose. With the help of your electrician, you will receive valuable assistance towards all aspects of planning ...
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Getting the Facts About Circuit Breakers

Your home’s electrical system is made up of many sophisticated components. From your fuse box to your electrical panel, each part of your electrical system is important to its overall function. ...
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A Look at Amp Panel Upgrades

Electricity comes into your home through your main electrical panel. The panel then distributes it to the various parts of your house through individual circuit breakers. Over time, these breakers and ...
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Essential Tips for Purchasing a Generator

Do you want to make sure your home doesn’t lose power in the middle of the next storm or natural disaster? If so, you should purchase a generator. You can buy a portable generator that will ...
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