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Safety In The Home

Electrical safety at home should be one of the highest priorities for you and your family. Most of us know to be careful when using candles, but what about portable heaters, gas appliances, and ...
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When The Lines Go Down

No matter where you live and no matter what the season, there may be a time when you come across a downed power line. Most people know that touching a live power line can cause serious injury or ...
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Deck The Halls Safely

Its part of the holiday season that, to some, is the best part of the season. Bright lights, festive decorations all displayed for family and friends to enjoy and aide in creating the spirit of the ...
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Electric Heater Safety Tips

When the cooler weather moves in, many people op for a space or compact heater to warm their spaces. Either at home or at the office, a compact electric heater is convenient and cost-effective, ...
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The Importance Of Electrical Inspection

When was the last time your home or business had an electrical inspection? Many may believe that they are only necessary to have done when purchasing residential or commercial spaces. However, ...
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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Delta Electric

Serving the South Bay area for 30 years, Delta Electric has the experience necessary to provide the highest quality service to customers. Below are the top 10 reasons to choose Delta Electric. We ...
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Is Your Home At Risk?

According to a recent investigation done by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit, if your home was built before 1990, it may have a faulty Federal Pacific circuit breaker and could be a fire risk. ...
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Why Hire An Electrician?

Never cut corners on electrical work. It is always best to hire an electrician when faced with an electrical repair or installation in your home. Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous. ...
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