“Delta Electric just completed replacing my breaker sub-panel, all my outlets, switches, and junction boxes, added GFI’s and safety connectors for all my aluminum/copper wiring connections. They were courteous, on-time, and always advised me on their progress and plans.

Their bid was competitive, and they demonstrated clear knowledge about the best practices for safety in dealing with aluminum house wiring.

I highly recommend them and will use them again for any electrical work I need.”

– David C.

“OK. So I can’t imagine having a better experience than the one I had with the guys at Delta Electric who replaced my electric panel.

A little backgound. The original panel from my 1968 house had failed and four different electricians told me the lines coming into the panel from PG&E were too short. New codes from PG&E require the meter be a minimum of 48 inches off the ground. The PG&E wires coming from the ground into my panel were supposedly too short to meet the new 48″ height requirement.

This meant I was not only going to have to pay an electrician to put a new panel in, but I was also going to have to pay PG&E to extend my wires (which would have cost an additional $4k).

Enter Delta Electric who managed to install the panel without PG&E extending the power lines. They did this with permits from both the City of San Jose and PG&E.

Oh. And the icing on top of the cake? They replaced the panel for $1,000 less than the next lowest quote. So if you add the expenses I saved by not having to extend the power lines, Delta Electric saved me about $5k.

Someone pinch me. :-)”

– Anthony N.

“I called Delta when I had a problem with my electrical panel caused by a short from an outside outlet that got water inside it. Sandy came out and quickly diagnosed the problem and was able to get me up and running. He told me my Zinsco brand panel was dangerous and has caused fires in homes. He told me to do my own research, so I did and found out that the Zinsco panels have caused fires due to the breakers not tripping when a circuit gets overloaded. Sandy gave me a quote to replace the panel and said I could apply the service charge for diagnosing the problem to the cost of the new panel.

When I saved up enough bucks to get the work done, I decided to check a few other companies to make sure I was getting a good deal. Sandy’s quote was by far the most affordable. So, I decided to use Delta. A crew of three guys came out and made quick work of the installation. They showed up early and were finished by 2pm. They did a great job installing it and patching the stucco afterward.

I would definitely use Delta again if I have any other electrical issues I can’t handle myself.”

– Tim W.

“I called Delta as our Garage door and Microwave both went out at the same time. Derrick and Michael came out, identified the problem and had it fixed in no time. They were easy to work with and tidied up after themselves.
They also recommended replacing our panel as its old and a safety hazard.
I will definitely be using Delta again when we decide to update our electrical panel.”

– K R

“I recently used Delta Electric to upgrade the connections in my aluminum wired house to use copper connectors. I used the CPSC approved AlumiConn miniature lug connector. Delta Electric have done an outstanding job at a very reasonable price. They also upgraded the main electrical panel. They showed up on time, were very professional, and made sure I was very pleased and satisfied with the work.

They were very honest, and did not do unnecessary work just to inflate the bill. Michael always explained all the options available, before doing any work.

Derrick, Michael, Salvatore and Donna really strive for excellence. Its a family owned business, and they take pride in their work. I had a very pleasant experience working with Delta Electric”

– Roger C.

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