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If Your Home has Aluminum Wiring

There are 3 acceptable repair methods. The first is replacing all the wiring with copper wiring, and another known as the COPULUM method, both were recognized and approved by the CPSC, however acknowledged as being very cost prohibitive for consumers. The next best alternative was recommended and approved by the CPSC. This method utilizes AlumiConn connectors manufactured by King Innovation, which was approved by the CPSC in 2011. The entire pamphlet is available at:

Why hire a professional for aluminum wiring conversion and repair?

• Peace of mind

• Electrical work can be extremely dangerous

• You need to know that it was done right

• Conversion and repair can be hard to do correctly

• Your safety is at risk

• We know what to look for and how to inspect your home

• Your insurance company may need to see the job was done professionally

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